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We will come back! A tale that opens borders

Wednesday 30 November 2022
Premià de Mar - Library Martí Rosselló i Lloveras, Carretera Vilassar de Dalt 10, Premià de Mar
COMSOC Barcelona Provincial Council / Network of Libraries (Co-organisation)

In the setting of the EDLS 2022 campaign, for the fourth year in a row, the Gerència de Serveis de Biblioteques and the Office of Cooperation for Development of Barcelona Provincial Council collaborate to offer libraries from the network the possibility to programme activities linked to the EDLS goals, and thus join the initiative, in the last weeks of November. It’s a family-friendly initiative by the entertainers Jordi Tonietti, Marta Gorchs, Carles Cuberes, and Rah-mon Roma, that reminds us that peace cannot be achieved by using bombs or building borders, and invites us to mobilize against war and join the campaign #CasaNostraCasaVostra. The story that inspires the performance has been created by the kids in the first year of primary school at the School Abel Ferrater in Selva del Camp. We encourage you to listen to the original version and promote the two directly related rights: the right to asylum and the right to live in peace. The activity is aimed at a family audience.

By Barcelona Provincial Council / Network of Libraries (Co-organisation)