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Story-singing: Poop, mom! What have they done to the Earth?

Monday 28 November 2022
Berga - Library Ramon Vinyes i Cluet, Plaça Europa 1, Berga
COMSOC Barcelona Provincial Council / Network of Libraries (Co-organisation)

In the setting of the EDLS 2022 campaign, for the fourth year in a row, the Gerència de Serveis de Biblioteques and the Office of Cooperation for Development of Barcelona Provincial Council collaborate to offer libraries from the network the possibility to programme activities linked to the EDLS goals, and thus join the initiative, in the last weeks of November. Thanks to the work of the two hundred educational communities that participated in all seven editions of the “Podcast Contest – Stories of the World”, COMSOC has compiled more than 1.000 stories of people from all five continents, which reflect diverse realities and human values. Among all the stories, told by 10.000 children, youngsters, and adults, some have been recreated into five performances with musical repertoire. One of the performances consists of the singing and telling of two stories about the right to a healthy environment. The first story talks about coltan, new technologies, and the impact on the family lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo; the second story is about water, told through the coexistence and play of two infants: a girl from Sitges and a boy from the Sahara. The performance can be conducted by the artists and entertainers: Marta Gorchs, Jordi Tonietti, Rah-mon Roma, and Carles Cuberes. The activity is aimed at a family audience.

By Barcelona Provincial Council / Network of Libraries (Co-organisation)