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SACS – stories for peace – Storytelling using objects, puppets

Wednesday 30 November 2022
Vilanova del Camí - Library de Vilanova del Camí, Centre Can Papasseit, C/ Verge de Núria, Vilanova del Camí
Assumpta Mercader Barcelona Provincial Council / Network of Libraries (Co-organisation)

In the setting of the EDLS 2022 campaign, for the fourth year in a row, the Gerència de Serveis de Biblioteques and the Office of Cooperation for Development of Barcelona Provincial Council collaborate to offer libraries from the network the possibility to programme activities linked to the EDLS goals, and thus join the initiative, in the last weeks of November. Sacks are used to carry potatoes, flour, sand… and also to carry what is needed to tell stories about important issues in our daily lives. Sacks were used to build trenches and transport food among other stuff during wars. Sacks are also used in times of peace. With sacks, we can receive things and we can also fill and send them back. In this case, they are filled with stories about children. “The girl and the sparrows”, “The kids don’t want war”, “the wall” and the second part of “the hare and the tortoise” are some of the stories hidden inside the sacks. These stories talk about the ways things can be done, about what is valuable or not; tales that, playfully, urge us to think and grow. The activity is aimed at family audiences and kids aged 5 and up.

By Barcelona Provincial Council / Network of Libraries (Co-organisation)

With Assumpta Mercader